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My work at Neo Norte 2.0

Natural vs Digital (The room theme)
The digital age has changed the way we communicate. For many of us it is probably easier and faster, but in a world where everything seems to be immediate, do slow processes have something to offer? As humans, we are losing the ability to feel and connect our body, but what can natural materials and handwork offer to modern lifestyle? Works that go beyond our sight and engage our senses are coming back to the basic human needs, engaging the human body as a whole and in so doing generating new dynamics of communication and interaction between each other in a deeper and more sensitive way.

Khipu Workshop 13th October 11-13hs at Exposed Arts Project

My work

Although we live in a world where communication is rapidly developing, and migration has linked people across borders as never before, do we actually know how to connect to each other in a meaningful way? Does there exist a universal language that enables us to do so? This is the main question of my work. Looking for ways that can make humans interact and communicate in a better way, my work tries to rescue the most important aspects from ancestral techniques and lost languages to give them a contemporary form to engage us using all the senses, creating a multidimensional language that goes beyond words. My work is based on human experiences, interactions, and cultures; through these, I try to offer a balance between hands, brain, and soul either visually or tangibly.


Having come from one of the most remote areas of the planet, Patagonia, where everyone is closely connected to the natural world, nature has always spoken to me through materials, which is why I have chosen only natural sources to be my medium to create these new ways of communication. I believe that ancestral societies grounded in nature have the most sophisticated, deep, pure, and universal language.

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