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After many years of trying to find a balanced mix between the calm of her native Patagonia and the hectic life of London Cindy Lilen created her studio, a textile lighting and deco workshop that makes custom-made jewellery for interiors with an emphasis on original design and craftsmanship.

The aim of her hand-made pieces is to transform interiors into an oasis for busy lives and to make people feel good and reassured.

Growing up in a small village in Patagonia made Cindy aware of the importance of being connected to nature. The exercise of asking what in our modern lives is truly essential brought her to re-connect to her roots, finding in ancestral South American textile communities many of the answers she was looking for.

For these local communities, their relationship to nature is still relevant and brings many benefits. Awareness of natural cycles allows them to work the land, heal, and care for each other,  developing a state of mind that values simple (important) things. It is proven that being detached from nature affects our health and anxiety and it is here where the studio intends to contribute the most, by developing artisanal pieces inspired by the wisdom of those who understood how to “read” the universe and offers a space of calmness to encourage reconnection with Mother Nature.

Raw materials produced according to the logic of natural cycles and sustainability are the main characters of this collection. Pure Patagonian merino wool, cotton fibres, and wood shape the designs that convey the value of artisan hands and highlight the natural beauty of each material. Moreover, a meticulous analysis of the impact of lighting on people’s moods accompanies the creations to guarantee the perfect performance of each piece.

The studio makes tailored pieces based on a mindful study of its clients and their spaces’ needs.

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