This is me! The person behind Cindy Lilen Studio.

Coming from a small village in Patagonia I always got engaged with the landscape and the peace of rural areas. I didn’t notice the importance of certain things that were very familiar to me until I left my hometown. I moved to a big city to study believing that the big city would have all the answers for a thirsty soul, but it didn’t. Well, it did but in the way of setting the big questions about myself and my interests. I stayed there for a while no finding any answers so I decided to change continent, go bigger, go further. I carried on studying, looking for more answers.

All this journey just made me realise that the most important thing for me was the richness and deepness of my roots and that craftsmanship is a deep concept that needs to stay alive. Breaking down this I can say that I care about nature, fair trade, design, about ancestral techniques, and I believe I can have an active role as an agent in helping to preserve cultures and identities through crafts.

When it comes to my work I use natural materials mostly from my area, but also from places where nature still powerfully giving us materials to work with. I respect, value, and translate ancestral techniques that are getting lost around the world into meaningful pieces. I work with artisans from different countries trying to understand what is behind their techniques and to learn the language of their craft that is full of culture, identity, and meaning. This is the inspiration for my work.


Experiences are all we can carry weightless. Every piece on Cindy Lilen Studio's collection is trying to offer experiences, to make every space habitable, meaningful, and pleasant. Anything that makes our life, or even a moment beautiful, funnier, or happier is the goal of our creations. Time is one of the main things in our work, the time that we spend doing the pieces, the time that we take to listen to the artisans and maker but overall the time that the user takes to enjoy it. This "shared" time is how we all create solid bounds as humans, as a community no mattering where we are or where we come from.